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As we can not provide our services without the people that support us. If you would like to Make a Difference, Develop Job Skills, Explore New Interests, Meet New People and Enhance Your Education then why not organise a fundraising event for Friends of Leukaemia Patients Cork and help make a difference today!


Please contact us to sign up for an event or to organise your own.


You will make all the difference!

Email :
Tel/Fax: 021- 4823 625

Fundraising Tips

Set your goals
The first step in successful fundraising is setting your goals.

  • Know how much money you need and when you need it. Make sure to add estimated costs to your fundraising goal.

  • If possible, start planning your fundraiser at least one month in advance. This way you can get letters and ads written, products lined up, and events scheduled.

  • Set beginning and end dates for each project.

  • Find out what types of fundraisers have been successful for your group or community in the past.

  • If planning a large fundraiser that uses several fundraising sources, estimate the funds needed from each activity. If you can, use figures from past successful events as goal points.

  • Use a goal chart to check your progress.

  • Double check your community calendar

    • To ensure your fundraiser doesn’t conflict with other community activities. (i.e. it may be difficult to find enough student volunteers for your event if you schedule it during the middle school holidays!) 

    • To co-ordinate your activities with other community activities. (i.e. car booth sales on weekends, bake sales during farmers market days, etc.)


For more information call or email Imelda on:

Email :
Tel/Fax: 021- 4823 625

You will make all the difference!